Dabbs Woodland Farm

Photographs & Memories

Charlie Dabbs
2007 was our last year for selling Christmas Trees!
To all of our loyal customers over the years, we thank you.

We planted our first crop of trees in 1981 with plans to harvest trees in 1985. That was the year Hurricane Elaina tore into us and pushed down 90% of our trees. We staked up the trees, straighted our shoulders and sold our first crop - crooked trunks and all!

We faced Hurricane Georges in 1998. Georges pushed us down again, but we at Dabbs Farm have a strong spring in our souls and we bounced back once more.

Katrina dealt such a blow it caused us to step back and re-evaluate. We are taking our farm in a new direction by offering its beauty to campers.

We have several pages of photos to browse through from our many years of growing Christmas trees. We hope you enjoy them!

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